Japanese Language Lesson

Why don’t you learn Japanese language?
I am a certificated Japanese language teacher.
Let’ talk about music, movie, anime, and drama, or learn with textbook, web article, etc.

You can get special discount: 4times package/group lesson

25分トライアルレッスン/25min Trial Japanese Lesson(Free)

Online Japanese Lesson *Trial*(25min)¥0.-(Free!)
I’ll give you free Japanese language learning advice so that you can progress as efficiently as possible, regardless of if you end up taking classes with me or not.

25分レッスン/25min Japanese Lesson

Online Japanese Lesson(25min):¥1,200.-

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45分レッスン/45min Japanese Lesson

Online Japanese Lesson(45min):¥2,500.-

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90分レッスン/90min Japanese Lesson

Online Japanese Lesson(90min):¥4,500.-

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*If you’d like 4times package, you will receive a discount of 15%.

*Group lesson, you will receive a discount of 20%.

*You can pay by card via PayPal.